Pricing Guidelines

Your Cost Per Bush


The bushes in our inventory are $35. We can special order roses as well but prices may vary. 

The yearly service for your Hybrid Tea's, Climbing Roses, and David Austin's averages about $60 to service each bush for the year.



We have a special way of planting our bushes and that includes soil amendments. We charge $20 to plant each bush and amend the soil. 

  • 6 bushes $330
  • 12 bushes $660
  • 20 bushes $1,100

**For existing beds 

New Gardens


We install completely new bed for your roses too. From design, ground prep, planting,  and top dressing with mulch. We can install the complete rose bed. Pricing for these projects vary and specific quotes have to be worked up. Come to us with your ideas and we will bring your rose garden to life. 

Maintaining Your Roses


We have three service packages that we offer. Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

  • Bronze- Our 10 rose care services for the year
  • Silver- Our 10 rose care services plus all of your additional climber and shrub work is included in the price. No more additional billing
  • Gold- Our 10 services, climber and shrub work, and Weed control

Our pricing is based off the number and type of roses in each garden

Cost to Service


No matter how small your rose garden we have a minimum of $720-864 to come and service your roses for the year. This covers up to 12 Hybrid Tea roses to be serviced. 

What about your shrubs?

If we are servicing your property for Hybrid Tea's or Climbers then we work out a deal to package the shrub roses into your contract. 

If you only have shrub roses we do not service as often but would price them out for you and place them on our shrub schedule. Once again this is very dependent on how many bushes. 

Additional Work


If you pick out our Bronze package or need help getting your roses in shape we offer hourly work rates. At $75/hr we will preform your climber trimming, shrub rose pruning, and weeding.

Jobs such as mulching, installations, electric fence set up, irrigation installation, ect.. Would be priced by the job. 

Estimates are readily available for scheduled jobs and hourly work.