About Us

St. Michaels, MD. Hybrid Tea garden

Our Mission

Providing specialized care and maintenance for all your rose needs and to enhance your life through the beauty of a rose garden. Our expertly trained staff bring years of experience to your rose garden to help it flourish year after year.    


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Our Story

Velvet Touch Rose Care was launched in 2003 as a career change for founder David Kinderdine. David and Vicki were amateur rose growers and decided this hobby could be converted into a business to extend their love for roses and make available expert service to the residents of the greater Washington metro region. From its birth in 2003, Velvet Touch Rose Care has experienced steady growth as a company. At the beginning of 2019 David retired and sold his company to Scott and Melody Brown, his son-in-law and daughter. Velvet Touch Rose Care now services approximately 7000 roses bushes within 100 miles from their home base. The core value that contributes to their success is a commitment to people first. Our motto is we serve people who have roses.  

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At Velvet Touch Rose Care we offer a variety of services; Rose Garden Design, Bed Preparation, Selection and Purchasing of Roses, Seasonal Care, Fruit Tree care and more depending on your needs.

Clarksburg, MD. VTRC Team 2018


Scott Brown (not pictured): At the beginning of 2019 David retired and sold his company to Scott, his son-in-law, and daughter Melody. Scott has operated Damascus Enterprises since 1998. Under his leadership and through continued training his business has grown and expanded. Scott is excited to bring VTRC under his ownership and is eager to continue to grow and expand David's legacy. 

David Kinderdine (center): David was the founder of Velvet Touch Rose Care and started the business from the ground up in 2003. David has had a passion for growing roses since 1993 which led to the founding of this company. With his personal and professional experience David has become knowledgeable in growing and caring for roses. David's motto for the business is "We serve people who have roses". In 2019 David retired from the company selling it to Scott Brown but will continue to consult for the business and lend his expertise. 

Jairo Rojas (left of center): Jairo has been a loyal and hardworking employee of Velvet Touch Rose Care since 2012 as a Field Technician. He has a true passion for the work we do as a company and enjoys caring for both roses and fruit trees.

Jessica Moore (left): Jessica started with VTRC in 2017 as a Field Technician and has become a valuable asset to the company. She is a positive and hard working employee. Jessica is pursuing a Sustainable Horticulture degree in her own time. 

Melody Brown (right): Melody has been with VTRC since 2015. Melody is the office administration for the company.

Matthew Bernoi (right of center): Matthew started with VTRC in 2018 as the Director of Field Operations and Accounts. Matthew works closely with customers servicing their properties and maintaining communication. He is eager to build great relationships and bring our customers the best quality roses each season. Having graduated from Salisbury University with a BS of Biology he understands the science behind rose care. Matthew and our Velvet Touch team have been trained in environmental safety and are licensed plant protectant applicators. 


St. Michaels, MD. Hybrid Tea Rose Garden


If you are considering roses, I would like to personally recommend David Kinderdine and Velvet Touch Rose Care. I commend David for his knowledge of roses including the insects and diseases that adversely affect roses. I have worked with David and Velvet Touch Rose Care since 2008. During that time I have found him and his company to be extremely responsive and helpful. His company works hard to produce and maintain quality rose care. Velvet Touch Rose Care works hard to create customer trust and loyalty. It is without reservation that I recommend Velvet Touch Rose Care.

Aris Mardirossian

Potomac MD


David and Velvet Touch Rose Care have been crucial to the success of our many roses over the past several seasons. David eats, sleeps, and breaths roses, and it is obvious from how well they respond to his program. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants real success with their roses. Thanks David!

Peter Couchman, Head Gardner High Glen

Frederick MD


Dear David

As you and I have compared notes often this summer, from one weather extreme of drought conditions and heat to the other extreme of too much rain and too cold, this was one of the toughest summers to be caring for the good health and performance of roses. Yet even this summer (as always) you and your talented team persevered, and as a result we had a plentiful supply of gorgeous long stemmed roses insect and pathogen free with the added pleasure of shiny leaves. To those friends with whom we shared large bouquets of flower arrangements, they were jealous with envy as their roses didn't come to the standards of perfection you and your team maintain for the Belin's year after year. Thank you for another exceptional year of your velvet touch to our large inventory of specialty  rose bushes with not one lost this year.


Harry and Susan Belin

Potomac MD


I wouldn't have a rose garden if it wasn't for Velvet Touch's loving hands. Every year my garden makes me smile with hundreds of perfect roses. Velvet Touch is a delightful company to work with and have on our property.

Tom & Alice Blair

Potomac MD


 I have never utilized a company as accommodating and personable as Velvet Touch Rose Care. They are always available to answer their phone and respond quickly to any concerns I have. They have done a beautiful job with my roses and I enjoy the beauty and fragrance they bring. I always have cut flowers in the house in addition to the beautiful roses that remain in my garden. Thank you Velvet Touch for the great service your provide. 

Jeff and Mary Albert

Potomac MD