Fruit Tree Care



We offer pruning services. Based on the type of fruit you are growing it is important to shape your tree to maximize fruit production. for apples and pears grow your fruits on the horizontals branching off a central leader. For peaches and cherries we create a bowl shape to the tree to increase the amount of sunlight on the fruit.

Disease Care


Pressure from diseases come throughout the entire growing season. In order to reduce the pressure at the start of the growing season we apply a dormant spray in the winter months. During the growing season fungicides are applied weekly to combat disease. On peaches a copper spray is applied to prevent peach leaf curl right before bud break. 

Insect Prevention


Insects don't just go after your fruit. They will attack the tree itself and the leaves. Prevention of insect damage will help to improve the life of your trees and boost fruit production. We focus on prevention and not just treatment. While we scout for issues prevention is the key to fruit production. 

Common Diseases Treated


  • Fire blight (apples and pears)
  • Cedar-Apple Rust
  • Brown Rot
  • Black Rot
  • Leaf-spot diseases
  • Peach Scab
  • Peach leaf curl
  • Cankers

Common Insects Treated


  • Aphids (variety of species)
  • Codling Month
  • Spotted Lantern Fly 
  • San Jose Scale
  • Sawfly 
  • Plum Curculio